Qimage One macOS Change Log 2021-10-28T15:08:12+00:00

Qimage One macOS Change Log

This change log describes what features were changed or added and what fixes were made in each release of Qimage One for macOS.



Version Date Priority Description
v2022.101 October 28, 2021 Low – Modified the Qimage One installer to find existing Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom installations, and copy the Qimage One Adobe plug-ins as needed.
v2022.100 October 7, 2021 Medium – Added a new feature where a user-defined text annotation can be added to each print. Text can be added by selecting the new Add Text Annotation menu item from the Live View context menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut command-T. If multiple prints are selected, each one will have its text annotation modified. A global text annotation, for all newly added prints, can be defined in the Preferences. The text annotation uses the same font and alignment settings as Print Info and is displayed in addition to any Print Info which is enabled. Text Annotation is saved with print jobs and can be added to templates and Custom Layouts.

– Added a new feature where floating text can be added to a page. The Floating Text controls are at the bottom of the Prints tab. New floating text can be added using the + button in the controls, or by selecting the new Add Floating Text menu item from the Live View context menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut shift-command-T. Each piece of floating text can have its own alignment, font height and color, rotation angle, shadow color and depth defined, using the Floating Text controls. Text can be added directly to a page, or linked to a print. Linking is implied if text is added with a print selected. Text can be linked to a print after adding, by selecting both the print and text (using the command key) and then clicking on the link button in the Floating Text controls. More than one piece of text can be linked to each print. Linked text will move, size and rotate with the print. A thin line drawn from floating text to a print indicates that the print and text are linked together. Text can be selected by clicking on the anchor point in the top left corner. The anchor will turn blue when selected. With text selected, changes to the Floating Text controls will modify the selected floating text(s). Floating text is saved with print jobs and can be added to templates and Custom Layouts.

– Added a Thumb Sort submenu to the View menu. The menu items of the sub menu allow sorting the thumb files in ascending or descending order of file name, type, or modification date.

– Modified the thumbs history drop down to truncate the head of folder names so that it is easier to see which folder is being selected.

– Long file names displayed under thumbs now have the head truncated so that it is easer to see which image file is being selected.

– When rebuilding thumbs, any prints on the Live View which reference that thumb, are now automatically rebuilt as well.

– Added a warning message when printing short Auto Roll Length jobs which may not meet the minimum roll length requirements of the printer. Attempting to print shorter then the minimum may result in truncated printing and other unpredictable results.

– Added a new preference to control whether Qimage One automatically checks for a software update when the application starts.

– Added support for changes to Apple AirPrint drivers which changed the way that media types were defined. This fixes the case where incorrect media type data was displayed in Qimage One.

– Modified all message boxes to have a better, more natural layout than the new Big Sur style, including maintaining the main application appearance.

v2021.102 April 9, 2021 Low – Built the Qimage One Adobe plug-ins as universal binaries.

– Fixed a bug where some small prints were printed incorrectly when the source image was significantly downscaled.

– Fixed a bug where the print info sometimes still contained the export index.

v2021.101 March 25, 2021 Low – Built Qimage One as a Universal binary which includes a native version of the application for both Intel and Apple chips.

– Modified minor user-interface elements to improve the look of Qimage One on macOS Big Sur.

– Modified the controls to set print positions. In addition to setting absolute position on the paper, a relative position can be set, moving all the prints by the same amount. Directions right and down are positive, while left and up are negative values.

– Added a new Cut Mark option called Fold Marks. This option draws a one quarter inch thin line from the outside edge of the print, aligned with the print edge ignorning borders, at eac corner.

– Improved the method for querying the system about the availability of ICC profiles.

– Modified the warning dialog about custom presets so that it can be suppressed.

– Added a preference to control whether the [Template] thumb is shown or hidden.

– Print information displayed underneath prints now automatically strips the prefix index number shown in brackets. This index number is added when images are exported to Qimage One.

– Improved the interpolation performance when downsampling with a large difference in resolution between the source image and the print size.

– Modified the Qimage One Lightroom plugin to adapt to newer settings from Adobe.

– Fixed a bug where a custom layout created from a square print was changing the rotation.

– Fixed a bug where adding prints to the Live View in Freehand placement mode was sometimes creating a new page.

– Fixed a bug where setting the Top or Left value of prints explicitly in Auto Roll Length mode corrupted the print sizes. When the Top or Left values are now set in Auto Roll Length mode Qimage One automatically switches from Auto Roll Length to Freehand mode, which is required.

– Fixed a bug where selecting from a filtered list of jobs in the Load Print Job window could select the wrong print job.

v2021.100 November 22, 2020 High – Added the option to set a background page color for all pages in the job. The color can be set or cleared via the Live View right-click context menu.

– Changed the Image Rotation Lock button to an Auto Rotate button with the opposite logic. When auto rotate is turned on, prints can rotate. When it is off, they will maintain the same orientation as the source image. The Auto Rotate button also displays the rotation state of any selected print. This change was to make auto rotation closer to the functionality of Auto Crop.

– Added a new Freehand placement method. Unlike the automatic placement methods, all pages and prints are set to freehand by default. To support adding prints to pages other than the first, the Live View context menu now includes an Insert Page menu item. Also, clicking on the Next Page icon will prompt the user whether to add a blank page at the end of the job. Each print job can only contain at most one blank page for the purposes of placing new prints.

– Added a new thumb called [Template]. Adding this thumb creates a place holder in the layout which behaves the same way as a print except it does not reference an image file. Thumbs can be dragged onto Templates and assume its characteristics. This makes it easy to define the templates first and then select images to add.

– Added a new Custom Layout placement mode. This mode supports saving pages of templates as a custom layout, which can then be loaded and filled with thumbs. In Custom Layout mode, simply adding a thumb, or thumbs, will fill in the next available template. New pages are added as needed. Custom layouts can be mixed together. When deleting a print in Custom Layout mode, the template is left in place so it can be reused. Even in Custom Layout mode, the user is free to customize each page as required.

– Added another Print Info option to display the full path to the image file name.

– Added Cut, Copy and Paste menu items to the Edit menu, for use with text fields in Qimage One.

– The current number of print copies, Auto Crop state, Auto Rotate state, and Borders parameters are now saved and loaded with job files. This enables returning Qimage One to the same state as when the job was saved.

– Changed the behavior of the + button on the thumbnails. If + is clicked on a selected thumb all selected thumbs are added. If + is clicked on a deselected thumb, only that thumb is added.

– Fixed a bug where prints on freehand pages with print info enabled were not the correct height.

– Fixed a bug where the text on the unclog pattern was not readable on macOS Catalina.

v2020.111 October 3, 2020 High – Fixed some inconsistent color issues due to Apple API changes when printing from macOS Catalina, and some versions of Mojave, when using certain combinations of media and profiles.
v2020.110 September 23, 2020 Low – Added display class color profiles to the Printer Profile window, so that those profiles can be chosen when using Print to File.

– Added violet as a color option to the unclog pattern definitions, to support new printers with violet color cartridges.

– Fixed a bug where program settings were not always being saved when exiting Qimage One.

v2020.109 September 5, 2020 Low – Modified the Print to File module so that out of gamut colors are consistent with the Windows version.

– Stopped the function which automatically deletes temporary files from running when Qimage One is minimized to the dock.

– Fixed a bug in the soft proofing module.

v2020.108 August 10, 2020 Low – Added a feature to the Load Print Job sheet where typing into the file name text field will filter the list of print jobs to only those that match the typed text.

– Fixed a bug where after searching for a print in a previous print job, the sheet for loading and saving print jobs would not reset correctly until Qimage One was restarted.

v2020.107 June 10, 2020 Low – Added a Print to file option in the list of available printers. Selecting this option creates a virtual printer driver. The page size is defined using the custom width and height controls, and there is no margin. Media type and paper source controls do not apply and are disabled. The output resolution can be defined explicitly using the Print Resolution text field. Most other program operations, color management, job loading and saving behave the same way. When Print is selected, a sheet is displayed to select the pages to print, the output folder and file type. One image file will be created for each page printed.

– Added an Out of Gamut option to the soft proof controls. When Out of Gamut is checked, the soft proof will flag all colors in the soft proofed image which can not be accurately recreated using the selected ICC profile.

– Added new menu items to the Thumbs and Prints context menus to show all previous print jobs that contain the selected thumb/print, or all previous print jobs that contain any image from the selected thumb/print folder.

– Added a new menu item to the main window Edit menu and Prints context menu called Reset Saved Print Crops. This menu item allows saved print crops to be reset for the selected print(s), all prints in the current job, or all prints.

– Fixed a bug where prints placed at the original image size with an inside border were being incorrectly sized when first placed.

v2020.106 May 18, 2020 Low – Added support for Photos to the Hardened Runtime settings for the share extension.

– Fixed a bug where some auto saved print jobs could not be loaded if they contained certain characters.

– Fixed a bug where some prints were bing truncated in soft proof mode.

– Fixed a bug which was causing Qimage One to crash for some large source images and print sizes.

v2020.105 March 2, 2020 Low – Fixed a bug where auto saved job files were saving twice.

– Fixed a bug where the demo version might display a blank window.

v2020.104 February 23, 2020 Medium – Added an Undo/Redo menu item to the Edit menu. This feature allows a single step undo/redo operation on any action that affects the Live View. The feature is useful for contrasting two layouts which differ in some way, or for removing an undesirable step.

– Added an option to the Manage Disk Usage sheet to allow the deletion of previous print job files. Deletion can be by date, and optionally when Qimage One prints an unclog pattern or exits.

– Added controls to the Printer Settings tab which control the size of the ideal gap between prints and if that gap should be enforced. The gap settings can be used with all layout modes, including Auto Roll Length. It is particularly useful for controlling exact spacing between prints on the page, or for arranging prints on a grid.

– Added controls to the Preferences to support naming jobs either by date and time (the default) or by the first name of the print in the job. Also added a control to automatically save a copy of all print jobs (on by default). A new preference was also added to use the image thumb file for soft proof when the image file is large, and could take time to calculate.

– Modified the folder history popup menu to support defining folders as sticky. These folders will always be displayed first before all other recently visited folders.

– Added a right-click context menu to the thumbs view. The menu supports selection and deselection of all thumbs, and deletion of selected image files.

v2020.103 January 24, 2020 Low – Modified thumb nail generation so that the size was no longer influenced by screen scaling.

– Fixed a bug where the message to update ICC profile settings when exiting soft proof mode was sometimes displaying more than once.

v2020.102 January 2, 2020 Low – Added a Borderless button next to the Auto Roll Length check box. Clicking this button is a convenient way to set the current media size to Custom and set all margins to zero. The printer must still be able to support borderless printing with the selected media type and size.

– Added column headers to the tables in the Load and Save Print Job and Load and Save Printer Settings dialogs. Clicking on these headers permits sorting of jobs and stored printer settings by description or date.

– Fixed a bug where a combination of Auto Roll Length, Print Information and Metric units could cause unexpected behavior.

v2020.101 December 6, 2019 Low – Added a new preference which allows a minimum length of paper to be defined for Auto Roll Length mode. Some roll printers have a minimum length they are able to print and this lets the user define the length. Users may need to consult with printer manufacturers to determine what the minimum length is for the printer model.

– Holding the shift key when starting Qimage One will perform the same function as selecting Reset Program Settings. This can be helpful when changes to drivers have caused an inconsistency with Qimage One and the program encounters problems when starting.

– Fixed a bug where some controls were clipped when both the Printer Settings and Prints tabs were visible at the same time.

– Fixed a bug where a combination of Auto Roll Length, Print Information and Metric units could cause invalid layouts and unexpected behavior.

– Modified Qimage One to not print Print Information on unclog jobs.

– Fixed a bug where soft proof simulated paper white was not drawing correctly when Corner Marks were enabled.

v2020.100 November 18, 2019 Medium – Added support for displaying print information under every print in the job. The information displayed can be the file name or as much exif data as will fit within the given space. If exif data is chosen, the following may be displayed if available: file name and extension, date and time, image size in pixels, ISO speed, aperture, exposure time, flash and focal length. The text font face, size, color and alignment can be defined. Print information is automatically saved and reloaded when recalling a previously saved print job.

– Added a new Cut Mark option called ‘Corner marks’. Corner marks is the reversal of the Crop Marks option. Marks face inwards towards the print. This option is useful for prints with white borders which are arranged in Intellicut mode or on borderless media.

– Added a new Preferences menu item to the Qimage One menu. This menu item opens a Preferences sheet. Preferences are preserved between Qimage One sessions and are independent of printer settings. The supported preferences are:

a) To display advanced Print Resolution settings, which include Overdrive [1200/1440], Medium [200/240], and Low [150/180]. These resolutions are not commonly needed since they either require more system resources with little difference in output (Overdrive), or produce a lower quality image (Medium/Low). These options have been provided to give more flexibility in print output. The default Print Resolution for unverified printer settings will remain at Max [600/720]. This option is off by default.

b) To automatically switch between the Printer Settings and Prints tabs depending on what the user is doing in Qimage One at the time. For instance – switching to the Prints tab when a thumb is selected in preparation for selecting print size, number of copies, etc. This option is on by default.

c) Select whether the Printer Settings or Prints tab is displayed when Qimage One starts. The default choice is to display the Printer Settings tab.

– Selecting a Cut Mark option now correctly exits soft proof mode if it is active. The Paper White soft proof option is now correctly drawn before cut marks in soft proof mode.

– Fixed a bug related to processing very large image files, greater than 2GB in size.

v2019.106 October 24, 2019 Low – Modified the folders tree above the thumbs to display folder names in alphabetical order.

– Updated the installer package to be more compatible with macOS Catalina.

v2019.105 September 27, 2019 Low – Updated Qimage One to support Apple’s Hardened Runtime and Notarization processes to make the app more secure and compatible with recent versions of macOS.

– Updated the description of rendering intent labels in the ICC color profile selection dialog.

– Improved the efficiency of the soft proof preview for very large image files.

– Qimage One Dark Appearance now supports Apple Dark Mode in all dialogs, including system open, printer driver, and print dialogs.

– Improved the interface with some Epson drivers which use duplicate paper source names. Paper sources with the same name (but with different properties) were casuing communication problems between Qimage One and the Epson driver. Qimage One now appends the driver defined index of the paper source to the name. This enables selecting of the correct paper source in Qimage One or the driver while maintaining consistency between both.

– Added support for new Epson printer driver heads which use multiples of 300 dpi rather than the expected 360 dpi for Epson printers.

– Added a new Reset Hidden Warning Messages menu item to the Help menu. When this menu item is selected, Qimage One will reset the state of all previously hidden warning messages. This can be useful if Qimage One does not seem to be performing as expected, perhaps because the warning related to the operation is not being displayed.

v2019.104 May 24, 2019 Medium – The column headers of the ICC Profile selection window can now be clicked to sort the profiles forwards or backwards by description, file name, or date.

– Added a button to the ICC Profile selection windows called ‘Sort by Suggested’. When pressed the list of available ICC profiles will be intelligently ordered to match the current selection of printer and media type. In addition, the top ICC profile in the list will be automatically selected. This enables the user to quickly identify and select the most appropriate profile based on the printer and media type being used.

– Updated some links to binartem.com web pages.

– Fixed a bug where some invalid combinations of print size and borders were causing Qimage One to crash.

– Added a fix for some Epson drivers which are encoding non alphanumerical characters in the driver for media type and paper source.

v2019.103 February 5, 2019 Medium – Added a new Auto Roll Length feature. When enabled, this feature will disable Freehand mode, set page orientation to Portrait, and turn on Auto Sort. Any existing prints and pages will then be merged into one long page using the current defined paper width. Adding, removing or resizing prints will automatically calculate a page size and layout large enough to accommodate all the prints.

– Improved the interface with some Epson drivers which use duplicate media type names. Media types with the same name (but with different properties such as matte/photo back ink) were causing communication problems between Qimage One and the Epson driver. Qimage One now appends the driver defined index of the media type to the name. This enables selecting of the correct media type in Qimage One or the driver while maintaining consistency between both.

– Modified various message boxes to included a check box to choose not to see the same message box again.

– Modified the Intellispace layout mode to not center horizontally since this can be achieved using the Intellicenter layout mode.

v2019.102 December 19, 2018 Medium – Added a new Cut Mark option called Guide borders. This option extends the Guide lines option but also draws the guide lines above the print or print border edge. This makes it easier to trim prints with white borders.

– Added a Rulers menu item to the View menu. When enabled, this option displays a ruler along the top and left side of the Live View.

– Added a Grid menu item to the View menu. When enabled, dashed grid lines at 0.5 inches or 10 mm are displayed on the Live View. The grid may indicate higher spacing for large sheet or roll paper.

– Added a Snap menu item to the View menu. This menu item provides a submenu to set the snap to OFF, 1/2 “, 1/4″ and 1/8 ” if using inches, or 10 mm, 5 mm and 1 mm if using metric units. When prints are moved on a Freehand page the closest corner to the click point will snap to the measurement defined. Prints being resized using a drag will snap to the closest horizontal or vertical point depending on which side of the print the drag operation is happening.

– Session settings now auto save when a scheduled unclog pattern is printed. This ensures that Qimage One will not attempt to print a missed schedule when restarting, if it was closed abnormally and unable to save information about the last printed pattern.

– Fixed a bug where switching between imperial and metric units did not correctly save changes made to the print sizes.

v2019.101 November 27, 2018 Medium – Improved the optimization of the Live View layout when adding multiple prints.
v2019.100 November 16, 2018 Medium – Modified the search routine for installed Adobe applications to minimize false positives when installing the Qimage One plugins.

– Modified the way unverified printer settings are made for Epson printer drivers, since some drivers were not displaying the correct settings in the printer dialog.

– Modified the warning message that the Qimage One Adobe plugin could not be installed to provide more explicit instructions to the user.

– Added an option to the Manage Disk Usage dialog to apply the user-defined delete operation after every unclog pattern schedule. This enables temporary files to be periodically deleted even if Qimage One is left running for extended periods to perform the unclog schedules.

– Modified the thumb generation to ignore folder names which were named with image file extensions, and which were being treated as image files.

– Modified the date time stamps of print jobs, unclog pattern print jobs, share jobs, and export folders to match the current locale of the macOS system.

v2018.122 September 14, 2018 Medium – Added controls to the Prints tab which indicate the left and top position of the currently selected print with respect to the paper edge. With one or more prints selected these controls can also be used to set the left and top corner of the print. This gives the ability to placea print accurately on the layout.

– Added a check so that illegal values could not be entered for the width and height of a custom paper size.

– Fixed a problem where first deleting an unclog pattern’s name and then immediately deleting the pattern could cause the unclog patterns to become corrupted.

v2018.121 August 10, 2018 Medium – Improved the stability of auto saving print jobs when using a custom paper size.

– Fixed a bug where some auto cropped images opened in the cropping editor for the first time would have an incorrect crop displayed.

– Setting a custom paper size when using metric units is now converted to inches for the printer driver. This maintains the correct size in both Qimage One and the driver.

– Modified Qimage One so that it will activate and display exported image files even when minimized to the dock.

– Modified the format of the next unclog schedule date in the Unclog Pattern window to reflect the current locale.

– If the unclog scheduler detects that the last scheduled print job was not able to be printed (because Qimage One was not running) it will attempt to print the last scheduled unclog pattern again when possible.

v2018.120 June 30, 2018 Low – Fixed a bug where exiting soft proof mode could cause a crash in some circumstances.

– Modified the format of the next unclog schedule date on the Printer Settings tab to reflect the current locale.

v2018.119 May 15, 2018 Low – Modified the unclog pattern so that when only a single color is selected, gaps are left between the patterns. This permits the nozzle to rest between pulses.

– If an unclog schedule is running when Qimage One is closed, a warning dialog will be presented. The dialog reminds the user that the schedule is running and asks them to confirm if they want to exit.

v2018.118 May 8, 2018 Medium – Added a new menu item to the File menu: Print/Schedule Unclog Pattern. This tool allows the definition and printing of scheduled or single use unclog patterns. This assists with unclogging blocked printer nozzles, and printing purge sheets to help prevent nozzles from clogging. An additional control tab was added to the Printer Settings tab to show the status of the unclog schedule, and let the user start, stop and edit the schedule.

– Added new menu items to the File menu: Load Print Job and Save Print Job. These two menu items are similar to loading and saving printer settings, but also include the pages, prints, borders, layout and auto-sort settings. This permits the user to save a complete print job and load it at a later date to make an accurate recreation of the print job in the future.

– When a print job is run, it will be automatically saved, and available for loading at a later date.

– Added the modification date to the list of user-defined printer settings in the Printer Settings dialog.

– Added paper orientation and sharpen values to the manual and automatic print settings load and
save mechanisms.

v2018.117 Apr 6, 2018 High – Improved the thumb creation and loading to operate asynchronously. This prevents Qimage One from blocking other operations until all thumbs are available. Users can now start to work with thumbs as soon as they start to be loaded.
v2018.116 Mar 30, 2018 Low – Added a dashed line next to the Live View which indicates the position of the printer in relation to the preview. This helps the user to see how the job will be printed.

– Crop marks are now drawn in soft proof mode.

– Added support for putting borders around each print. Both an inner and outer border can be defined, including color and width. In addition, the inner border can be set to Canvas Mirror or Canvas Stretch to support canvas prints.

– Added a feature to detect when the Qimage One window is not tall enough to display all tabs at the same time and auto arrange them.

v2018.115 Mar 19, 2018 Low – Resizing a print on the Live View by dragging now displays the effective print size while the resizing is happening, and not only when the resize is completed.

– Fixed a bug where the setting to automatically delete thumb and export files on exit was not always being correctly applied.

– Fixed a bug where the demo version was not always installing Adobe plugins.

v2018.114 Mar 13, 2018 Low – Improved the stability of Qimage One when starting, handling plugin installation and checking for product updates.
v2018.113 Mar 8, 2018 Medium – Fixed a bug where a gray scale image being printed using a custom color ICC profile in RGB color space was producing a blank print.

– Added a check if the Adobe product Plug-ins directory is read only. This prevents Qimage One from installing the Qimage One Adobe plugin. Qimage One displays a warning message to the user if this happens, with instructions on how to correct it.

– Added a check box to the Manage Disk Usage dialog to automatically run the user-defined delete operation every time Qimage One exits.

– Qimage One now automatically removes non-existent directories from the History drop-down. This check is performed when the history is deleted or Qimage One exits.

v2018.112 Feb 28, 2018 Low – Added support for image folders with non-ASCII characters in the name.

– Modified the page layout algorithm so that if prints can not be centered close to the center of the paper, they will be placed at the center of the printable page area instead.

– Added a new Soft Proof / Print Preview mode accessible below the Live View. This mode allows the user to display the current page in high resolution, with the selected ICC color profile options applied. Rendering intent, black point compensation and paper white can be adjusted under the Live View. Each combination of settings is cached for quick comparison.

v2018.111 Feb 16, 2018 Low – Improved performance of downsampling functionality.
v2018.110 Feb 15, 2018 Low – Added a notification to the main window, in the form of a button at the bottom of the Prints tab, that a new version of Qimage One is available.

– Image files or a folder can now be dragged from Finder onto the Live View or the Thumbs Tab. Qimage One will treat the drag operation the same as if the files or folder had been opened using the menu items.

– Improved printing of images which are downsampled to a lower resolution.

– Added a third layout option, Intellicenter, which will always center prints vertically, even on roll

v2018.109 Jan 31, 2018 High – Fixed a bug where the sharpening dropdown control was not enabled.

– Fixed a problem where system color profiles could not be properly loaded in some cases.

v2018.108 Jan 30, 2018 High – Updated some UI elements to look more consistent when Dark Appearance is disabled.

– Added buttons to the User Printer Settings dialog to enable the user to copy, delete or rename user printer settings.

– Added a new drop down to the Printer Settings tab which controls drawing cut marks. The three options are OFF, Crop Marks (corners) or Guide Lines. These marks will show up on the Live View, the print preview and the final print as a fine line to aid with cutting the paper.

– Fixed a bug where printer settings could get out of sync and cause color variations in prints.

v2018.107 Jan 25, 2018 High – Fixed a bug associated with disabling the color matching controls.
v2018.106 Jan 24, 2018 High – Signed the application and installer with certificates.

– Fixed hotkeys which were not all working on the Live View context menu.

– Selecting color management off, or a custom color profile, will now gray out and disable the Color Matching controls in the driver.

– Removed the driver dialog helper window and associated menu item since they are no longer needed.

v2018.105 Jan 22, 2018 High – Removed forced color management settings which was creating instability when printing.
v2018.104 Jan 21, 2018 High – Fixed a bug where Qimage One was sometimes crashing when the user selected their own ICC profile.
v2018.103 Jan 20, 2018 Medium – Fixed a bug where user printer settings were being corrupted while reloading saved user print settings.

– Fixed a bug where some Fit to Paper prints were being resized skew when changing Paper Source or
Print Resolution.

– Added checks, when the user goes to print, that the correct color management settings in the driver match the options selected in the Qimage One user interface.

v2018.102 Jan 18, 2018 Medium – Fixed a bug where user printer settings were being corrupted while reloading saved user print settings.

– Fixed a bug where some Fit to Paper prints were being resized skew when changing Paper Source or Print Resolution.

– Added checks, when the user goes to print, that the correct color management settings in the driver match the options selected in the Qimage One user interface.

v2018.101 Jan 16, 2018 Medium – Added a warning dialog which is displayed if the current printer driver is AirPrint and the user is attempting to set a custom color profile or print using a custom color profile.

– Added a warning dialog which is displayed when a custom media size is defined with width greater than height. This indicates the printer may not be able to print on that size paper.

– Changed the color of text in the Registration dialog to black when using the light color scheme to make it easier to read.

– Added filtering of unsupported RAW and image file formats to prevent Qimage One from crashing when trying to generate thumbnails.

v2018.100 Jan 11, 2018 High – Initial release of Qimage One on macOS.