What is Qimage One?

Qimage One is an easy-to-use, cross-platform photo printing application. Qimage One was designed with ONE thing in mind: produce the best quality prints with the least amount of work. Qimage One has a straightforward approach to helping you produce great prints from your photos. Qimage One can print from a variety of applications on Windows and macOS operating systems. Advanced interpolation and sharpening technology can create amazing prints even if your photos are small images or not perfectly in focus.

Why You Need Qimage One

When you print from most software applications, you need to understand how the operating system, the software and the printer driver interact, to try and get a good looking print. Qimage One takes direct control of rendering your photos so that they will look their absolute best when they are printed, while still supporting any inkjet printer driver.

Get great prints instantly! No more waiting for photos to arrive in the mail, only to be disappointed with the results. No more inconsistent results from different printing labs. Now you can make consistently high quality prints on your own.

Professional users can take full control of color management and select printer settings specific to the paper profile.

Qimage One uses a proprietary Deep Focus Sharpening tool and image interpolation to enhance the look of your printed images. Even smaller images taken on a camera phone can be enhanced and printed at larger sizes. Sharpen your images without introducing halos. Crop photos to display the best content.

Qimage One can add multiple solid color borders for framing your prints, as well as image mirror and stretch options, for printing to canvas and other media types.

The optimal image settings are already preset but can be configured if you need more control.

Never be restricted to printing one photo per page again! Qimage One calculates and arranges your photos – any number and size. Nest multiple images on a page and make different layouts for every page. Just add your prints and let Qimage One do the rest.

Multiple layout options allow you to group photos so that they are centered on the paper, or flush together to save space. Automatically add crop marks and guidelines to assist with cutting the printed media.

If you want to take control, Freehand mode can be enabled for any page, so that you can arrange and size your prints exactly the way you want them.

Qimage One runs on both Windows and macOS platforms, and you only need one license to use both! In addition to running as a stand-alone desktop application, Qimage One includes built-in plugins to export your creations from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Other popular photo editing tools also allow sharing of images with Qimage One for high quality printing. The macOS version makes use of the Apple share feature. Share images directly from Apple Photos, Preview, Finder and other share-enabled applications.

If you organize your own photos, you can directly access groups of files and folders from Qimage One.

Qimage One can save and load print layouts you are working on, as well as automatically saving jobs you print, making it easy to recall and reprint commercial or personal projects. All printer settings and options are remembered for each printer and media type you use, so all you have to do is set it once and forget it!

Automatic file importing, automatic image processing, automatic print layout and printing. Qimage One takes the pain out of accurate photo printing, so that you can focus on turning your favorite images into amazing prints!

Pros will appreciate the fine grain controls for sharpening, profiling and printing color targets.

Borders and Canvas Prints

With Qimage One you can add borders to each print in your layout. Both an inner and outer border can be defined to create many styles of borders. Define an inner white border and outer solid color border to create a mat effect.

If you are printing to canvas, the inner border can also be defined as either a mirror or stretch. This option repeats the edge of the image to make it easier to align the print when stretching over wood or other mounts.

Soft Proofing

Soft proof pages before you print them.

Qimage One provides controls to select rendering intent:

  • Perceptual
  • Relative Colorimetric
  • Saturation
  • Absolute Colorimetric

as well as black point compensation and paper white simulation.

Print and Schedule Unclog Patterns

Qimage One has built-in tools to help unclog blocked printer nozzles and keep them unclogged. This helps maintain your printer over time, reducing costly cleaning cycles and saving ink.

With a few clicks, you can define an unclog pattern custom-tailored to the ink tanks your printer uses. Qimage One can then schedule the unclog pattern to be printed at a regular interval of your choosing, to create purge sheets.

Rulers, Grids and Snapping

Choose whether to display rulers and grids to help align your prints and take manual control of the layout.

You can enable snapping to 1/2″, 1/4″ or 1/8″ grids (or 10mm, 5mm or 1mm if using metric measurements). Accurately place prints exactly where you want them. This gives you fine control to define a printed output to match photo mats or other publication constraints.

Print Information

Display print information under every print in the job so you can track important print details.

Choose what to display and how to display it. Select between image file name, or detailed EXIF data, including original date/time, width and height in pixels, shutter speed, aperture, flash, ISO speed and focal length. Control font face, height, color and justification to tailor print information to your needs.